"These are the voyages" - by Marc Cushman

Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise, its five year mission to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life, and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.

These are the Voyages, TOS, Season One is a unique and very interesting Star Trek book (600 pages in length) by Marc Cushman to be published by Jacobs Brown Press in August 2013. The book is the first in a three-volume set (one book per Star Trek(R) TOS season). Gene was very pleased with the initial manuscripts created before his death in 1991. Robert Justman picked up the mantle after Gene's death until his own in 2008. After reading these books some Star Trek fans will be surprised at the extent of Robert's involvement with the series. We are very excited to inform you that famed Star Trek director, John D. F. Black and Mary Black have written the foreword for the first book.

Of this book, Rod Roddenberry said, "This is going to be the bible to Star Trek and how it was made. This is a book that I'm going to keep near and dear and utilize throughout my life."

These are the Voyages is unique in that it contains hundreds of previously unpublished insights and recollections from actors, directors, producers, and production crew, capturing what went on from every perspective, including memos dictated by Roddenberry while reading drafts to the series scripts. The book offers a unique look behind-the-scenes in the form of original staff memos, contracts, schedules, budgets, network correspondence, and the censor reports from NBC. These are the Voyages creates the opportunity for readers to transport themselves back in space and time to witness the true history of the three seasons of Star Trek(R): TOS. Go behind the closed doors of NBC, Desilu/Paramount, the producers' offices, the writers' room, the sound stages and shooting locations, and learn the actual facts behind all the blood, sweat, tears, politics, and spellbinding creativity that brought Star Trek(R) into being and forever changed the Sci-Fi world.

These are the Voyages gives a very interesting look and behind the scenes perspective in the form of original staff memos -- including Gene Roddenberry's own memos, recorded while reading drafts of the series scripts -- contracts, schedules, budgets, network correspondence, censor reports from NBC Standards and Practices, and other newly-uncovered documentation. Read about the making of each episode as the episodes are being made, straight from the typewriters of the people who were writing them. The book brings forth new information such as the documented truth behind the writing of "The City on the Edge of Forever," Season One's most acclaimed episode and winner of the Hugo and Writers Guild Awards. Rumors about who wrote what in this episode have been circulating for years. Now, what really happened and who deserves credit, is revealed at last. Notably, the actual Nielsen ratings, secret for 45 years, are made public for the very first time for every episode. (And guess what ... they were a lot better than NBC ever admitted!)

About the Author ... These are the Voyages is Marc Cushman's second TV series bio. He also co-wrote with Linda J. LaRosa, I Spy: A History and Episode Guide to the Groundbreaking Television Series, with a foreword by Robert Culp, and published by McFarland & Company, Inc. in 2007. Marc served as writer and director of the award-winning comedy/documentary, Desperately Seeking Paul McCartney. In addition, Marc's writing credits include work for Star Trek: The Next Generation, Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction, Diagnosis Murder and Bachelor Pad." His feature film credits include Midnight Confessions, Teresa's Tattoo, The Magic of Christmas and In the Eyes of a Killer.

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This new trilogy These are the Voyages will soon be considered the premier historical document of The Original Series of Star Trek(R). Marc Cushman has created something truly exceptional. Here are a couple excerpts: Shore Leave & The Alternative Factor. I know Marc would greatly appreciate you giving this the widest possible dispersal. This is Star Trek(R) history in the making; you the visitors of startrekpeople.com can have a major impact which could open doors to future "behind the scenes" information and opportunities that can help other Star Trek(R) writers as well.

The release of the first book of the trilogy will be at the Creation Entertainment's 12th Annual Official STAR TREK Convention in Las Vegas on August 8-11, 2013. Don't miss it! The official site for Marc's book can be found here. The Facebook page is here. The twitter link is here. Personally, I can hardly wait to dive into the three volume set. I know it will be "fascinating".

Curtis Fox July 2, 2013